Sanya Malhotra has garnered a lot of attention ever since her debut movie, Dangal, entered the 100 crore club. Following the streak of success, Sanya has now been seen in two movies, Badhai Ho and Photograph. The young actor has a knack for dancing and she has shown us the same a number of times on her Instagram. Making a debut in a biographical sports drama (Dangal) and playing the role of Babita Kumari, one of the top athletes in the country, would have required its own training filled with discipline and hard work. Tracking her journey ever since, we asked her for some tips regarding health, fitness and personal care.

What’s the one big fitness/ healthy lifestyle secret that you have – which is either unknown or has been less reported?

Being active, though don’t know if it’s a secret but is definitely underrated, I try and do some sort of an activity daily and hydrate. I drink at least 4 liters of water everyday.

Your best advise for a bad hair day?

Embrace it! As a curly haired girl I have too many bad hair days. I don’t mind “ what should I do with my hair “ days, make some funky updo and you’re good to go.

The three changes that you would advise viewers to make in their kitchen that will completely change their lives?

Don’t by stuff with preservatives
Don’t go grocery shopping empty stomach, trust me you will end up buying unhealthy snacks.
Stock your fridge and pantry with fresh produce.

Share your best fitness, healthy living, diet moment of 2018-2019?

I’m vegan now, it’s been two weeks. So far so good