TV actor Mohammad Nazim became a household name after his show, Saath Nibhaana Saathiya. We asked him the secret behind his toned body. Excerpts from what Nazim had to say.

Which is the one breakfast food that you must have?

I consume a variety of food items. But fruits, nuts and almonds with protein shake are an essential part of my breakfast as they contain nutrients; vitamins and proteins.

One fattening food item that you just can’t resist?

Chole Bhature, sometimes, arouse craving and I can’t just resist eating that. To be particular; rice is a fattening food item that I can’t resist.

How do you get back in shape post a heavy fattening indulgence?

I have no fixed diet plan as it depends on my role that I have to be lean or have a muscular body. So, I always try to balance heavy fattening indulgence with a heavy workout. I am very calorie conscious and I always like to see my body in shape.

Do you prefer mini meals or snacks throughout the day? What does it normally contain?

As I previously said that my diet totally depends on the requirements for the character I am playing. For a role like Ghuman Singh; it required a person, who has a muscular build, it required a heavy diet filled with nutrition. Normally, I consume food which is very healthy and is full of nutrition.
A diet plan that according to you always works?

Generally, I eat oats in the morning; and at night, I prefer chicken and dal. I indulge in a cheat meal every 10 days. I always follow a variation of diet plans as per my character or role in the serial.
Do you prefer outdoor or indoor physical activity?

I prefer both outdoor and indoor physical activity. I carry my own equipment even whole on set so that I can exercise whenever I get some free time. I am that conscious about being fit.
Which are your favourite physical activities?

Nowadays, I am very inclined towards martial arts.

A healthy tip that you rely on.

One should eat more vegetables and consume food rich in protein. Salad should be a compulsory intake in everyone’s diet. Junk food and food rich in bad calories should always be avoided. Everyone should make a habit of exercising regularly or at least going for a walk every day.