It isn’t easy for women to get back in shape post delivering a child, but for actors, it becomes rather necessary to lose the pregnancy weight as soon as possible in order for them to get back to work. Actor Dalljiet Kaur, who delivered her first baby in 2013, also had to shed her baby weight so she could get back on TV. Though hers was out of compulsion because she had to make a living, raise her son being a single mother and survive through her traumatic divorce with Shaleen Bhanot in 2015.

“I weighed around 86 kilos and wasn’t looking like anything people had seen me in my previous shows. I might have taken a couple of years to choose my paths to comeback. I was literally out of the house and had to look for work to earn a living and raise my child single-handedly after the divorce. I was suddenly put into condition to comeback for which I wasn’t prepared,” Dalljiet says.

But back in 2015, though Dalljiet was “getting to play much more mature roles due to her weight” and she says she started painting and selling them as well to earn some more extra money.

“I was back to acting with Kaala Teeka (2015) and was simultaneously working out on my body like a maniac to lose weight. It was crazy because at that time I used to do cardio for two-two hours a day. Whenever I got the time, I did Pilates to strengthen my back which got weakened due post delivering my son. I was skipping for an hour, picking weights, go for running and starving myself by following a strict diet. I left carbs complete and survived on protein and drinking a lot of water.”

When she looks at herself now, the 36-year-old actor, who now weighs 56 kilos, says, “What I would have probably become in 10 years, I became in three years. I’m very proud of the fact that I’m back. I look thinner than ever and younger too. I’ve never been this thin, stronger and fit and I’ve abs also. But I think somebody should not be compelled to get back to work especially after delivering a baby because giving birth is a bigger challenge and we should be given time to come back and love and appreciation for the fact that a woman has delivered a baby.”