Kubbra Sait, 35, has been TV host and anchor, played Kubbra Sait the emcee in Salman Khan-starrer Sultan, and had small roles in films such as I Love NY and Gully Boy. Then she shot to fame with her portrayal of Kukoo, the transgender lover of mob boss Gaitonde, in Netflix’s Sacred Games (S1; 2018). You’ll see her next in Zee 5’s musical web series Rejctx and AltBalaji’s courtroom drama The Verdict, among other shows.

-My fitness mantra comprises three rules: work out even if it’s tough; work out even when you’re lazy; work out even when your mind convinces you to do otherwise. Slowly you’ll see your body change.

Training isn’t about how thin you are, it’s about how strong you are.

-Over the last few years, I’ve realised that working out is also about conditioning the mind.

-I have a love-hate relationship with exercises for my back. They are helping fix my posture, but they hurt. Pushing myself to get a strong back and good posture is my motivation each day.

-When I travel, I make sure to get in 20 minutes of cardio and stretches every day, without fail, and small easy body weight exercises to tell my mind that I’m still in the game.

-As for food, I say, eat, baba, eat. Don’t be shy. Half the world is bonkers because they don’t eat. I’m like a madcap without food. Your body needs nourishment.

-I avoid junk most of the week, and especially if I’m travelling, I watch what I put in my mouth. You don’t want to loosen up too much on the road.

-I snack generously on nuts. It helps condition the brain, and the oils help the skin. Nuts are crunchy and kind, with the right kind of fat.

-Don’t eat burgers often. Avoid aerated drinks. Don’t drink coffee after 7 pm. Avoid milk … and I think you’re sorted.

-Don’t blindly follow nutrition advice; understand what your body needs.

-I love dark chocolate with nuts. I would do battle with anyone who stole my dark chocolate with almonds.