Sonali Bendre Behl’s cancer survival story has proved to be an inspiration to a lot of people. While the actor is currently recuperating, she has started a new form of exercise – aqua therapy to get back on track on her fitness levels. She recently posted a video of herself walking inside a tank filled with water. She hasn’t resumed work yet but recently, Sonali was seen in a TVC for Mother’s Day.

Explaining the new form of exercise, Sonali says, “My physiotherapist suggested this to me and as soon as I started this, I saw a stark difference in what I was doing. Post my chemotherapy, my joints were in a lot of pain because the muscles were weak. Every time I worked out, my joints would pain so the best thing to do was not to put pressure on the joints and yet have some resistance to strengthen my muscles. This was possible with aqua therapy. Since the water is also warm, it helps release endorphins which are natural painkillers. Anything that I was doing was painful and the recovery was a bit too slow so aqua therapy worked for me,” she says.

Even when Sonali was getting surgery and chemotherapy in New York, she had started walking to keep her mind and body fit. “Post chemo, it is very important you start doing some form of exercise even if it is gentle exercises like walking, yoga or even breathing. During my chemo, post my surgery in New York also, I walked a lot. As soon as you start walking around, your body starts to send out signals to ensure that all your organs start working to taking the body back to its optimum level. To stay fit is necessary so for recovery, it’s very important that I start weaning off painkillers and that’s where the endorphins come into the picture”, she says.