Actor Taapsee Pannu is as vibrant, strong and full of colours as she appears on screen. The Manmarziyaan actress tells us about her food, fashion and beauty choices. Some excerpts from the interview:

What’s the key to a healthy and fit lifestyle?

“Play a sport. It can be badminton, football, squash or tennis but make that a habit as it wont make you feel that you are doing a boring work out. Sports is the best way to enjoy a workout”, she said.

Are you a foodie?

Yes! I live to eat. I am a Delhi Sardarni so that goes without saying. In the binge eating zone, sinful eating, there are some kind of food items that is unhealthy and you should avoid them but there are some food items that are healthy and you like it despite of that. So in the unhealthy zone, I have to say chole bhature and aloo tikki. I am happy that I am out of Delhi now as I would have never been able to lose weight.

On a cheat day, what is your indulgence?

Every time I come to Delhi, the new morning breakfast has to be chole bhature.

Do you also have a sweet tooth?

Not as much and I am very thankful for that. I am very selective in terms of desserts but I do enjoy besan laddoos and cakes.

One thing you avoid in terms of food

Certain types of meat mostly and I prefer it as a lifestyle choice. Mostly, I end up eating all fried unhealthy stuff.

You have good skin. What is your beauty regime?

I am lucky that I have been blessed with good skin genetically. Apart from that, I eat healthy. I avoid glutton and lactose as much as possible. I don’t smoke and drink so that really helps. It is all about what you eat and drink and that reflects on your skin.

You have beautiful curls. How do you maintain them?

It is not about what you do to your hair externally as in shampooing, conditioning etc. You really need to eat right. Also, oiling your hair is very important as it nurtures the hair texture and strengthens it.