Chronic disease burden is on the rise in India and hypertension is one such medical issue that is adding to this burden. You will be surprised to note that a paper titled ‘Hypertension in India: A Systematic Review and Meta Analysis’ published by NCBI indicated that nearly 33% urban and 25% of rural Indians are hypertensive thereby categorising hypertension as one of the new epidemics that has hit our country.

The GOQii India fit 2019 report released early this year studied approximately 700,000 individuals across India and indicates that hypertension/high blood pressure is on the rise, with an increase from 9 % to 12%.

It’s no surprise that the incidence of high blood pressure is more among young Indians. The sad part is that most are not even aware of the fact that they could be a victim of hypertension/high blood pressure. A recent study by PLOS medicine indicates that nearly 50 percent of Indians are unaware that they have hypertension and less than 1 percent of patients take medication to keep health issues at bay.

Lack of awareness could be largely because one generally tends to overlook frequent headaches, constant feeling of fatigue, stress etc as a normal day to day problems and does not feel the need to consult a doctor or even think of checking their blood pressure.

A lot of factors lead to this and one of the most important factors is a bad lifestyle. Leading a bad and unhealthy lifestyle is always the cause for most medical issues. The current situation is worrisome and must be tackled with immediacy.

It’s no rocket science to nip this problem at the very beginning by simply leading a healthy lifestyle. Lifestyle plays an important role in treating your high blood pressure. If you successfully control your blood pressure with a healthy lifestyle, you might avoid, delay or reduce the need for medication as well.

Let me share some of the simple tips that I follow to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep hypertension at bay. These are:

  • Start exercising daily and reduce those extra kilos: All it takes is 20 minutes every day from your busy schedule to exercise.
  • Eat right and avoid excess junk food: Excess of processed food, excess salt and excess of caffeine are your recipe for disaster. Hence, keeping a check on what you are eating is important.
  • Limit alcohol and smoking: Excess of Alcohol and smoking can not only lead to high blood pressure but, also lead to other medical problems as wells. Controlling it will go a long way in helping you to lead a better life.
  • Controlling Stress: Stress has become a common problem among all. No matter how difficult the situation is, learn to control your emotions and not get overstressed. Stress releases a lot of bad hormones that eventually lead to high blood pressure. Practise, 20 minutes of meditation daily to help you calm yourself.
  • Do not ignore and go in for a check-up: Understanding the common symptoms such as frequent headaches, fatigue, vision problems is very key. Even if you are experiencing one of these symptoms regularly, get your BP checked.

In summary, hypertension is fully in your control if you simply lead a healthy lifestyle

– Vishal Gondal, Founder and CEO, GOQii