Six out of 10 working professionals in India are likely suffering from poor muscle health and low protein scores, finds Danone India’s free muscle assessment initiative covering around one lakh professionals in the country.

“…40,000 working Indians have already been sensitized across various corporates in Noida, Hyderabad and Bengaluru, and the program aims to reach 100,000 individuals across multiple cities by September 2019,” read a statement from Danone India.

As a run up to the protein week that is celebrated annually from July 24th to 30, Danone and its partners aim to raise awareness around muscle health by positively changing attitudes and practices around consumption of protein rich diets and an active lifestyle.

“…Initiatives like The Protein week and our partnership with Arogya and InBody will further help to drive awareness about muscle health among corporate India, who are most affected by poor muscle health due to sedentary lifestyle and imbalanced meals. With a mission to bring health through food, Danone is committed to address local nutritional needs, protein being one of them,” said Himanshu Bakshi, managing director, Danone India.

A study published last week in Nature Scientific Reports also found that lean protein mass was putting south Asian’s at a higher risk of diabetes than people of most other ethnicities.

“The problem is not just that Indians are not eating right amount of protein but also about the consumes protein not getting absorbed in the body. It could be because of various issues including erratic eating schedule, quality of protein consumed, how it is prepared etc.,” said Neha Arora, Delhi-based nutritionist.