The intense summer heat leaves you feel drained out, but eating the right kind of food can help prevent dehydration. Certain foods aid digestion and prevent excessive water loss from the body.

“Many of the fruits and vegetables available around this time of the year are suitable in keeping a person adequately hydrated. During peak summers, one should go for food items that are high in water content such as cucumber, melons, lemon etc.,” says Neha Arora, Delhi-based nutrition expert.

Another wonder food item for summers is curd or yoghurt.“Curd or curd-based items should be had liberally during summers. It is a super food as far as aiding digestion is concerned,” says Arora.

Eating light is one of the most effective mantra to avoid uneasiness. “In summer months, the digestive system has to work harder, so you should opt for balanced meals with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables rather than fried or butter-rich meals,” says Arora.

Foods that prevent dehydration

Lemon: is a great source of vitamin c.

Water melon: extremely hydrating with at least 90% water content.

Musk melon: vitamin c, a, and loaded with antioxidants.

Curd: aids digestion by cooling intestines.

Cucumber: high in water content.

Coconut water: full of essential minerals, helps maintain electrolyte balance.

Strawberries: high in fibre; aids digestion.

Iceberg lettuce: made up mostly of water, helps stay hydrated.

Bell peppers: high in vitamin c and a, one of the most hydrating vegetables.

Radish: contains vitamin c, detoxifies the body.