The distractions surrounding us are many. Every time a task needs to be done, there is a phone call to attend, a tweet to like, a story to respond to, a message to take care of. Basically that one thing that keeps derailing us from whatever it is that needs to be done.

These distractions are simultaneously so engaging that you may often not realise how much time has elapsed and in the process you end up trying to play catch up.

This doing-things-at-the-last-minute phenomenon is also contingent upon how successfully you are able to pull it off. For instance, if there are no strong repercussions other than an upset adult or a boss it gets ignored. If you bear no costs on account of pushing things till the end time the need to pull back, reassess and redirect your approach again does not arise. Furthermore, if you don’t see any rewards in changing your strategy then the motivation to do things differently doesn’t build up.

Additionally if you are fearful of a task or unsure of your skills to be able to successfully attempt it and accomplish the desired result, it too may lead to a delay in doing things. This happens on account of the anxiety that kicks in at the moment which prevents movement despite the understanding and knowledge that the way things are unfolding at the moment is not ideal.

In order to circumvent such a situation there are some things, which you keep in mind, can be helpful in avoiding getting stuck in this cycle of procrastination. Let’s take a look at some of these:

1. Create goals you identify with and that have meaning for you
Besides the expectations that are attached to being in the role and position you occupy in your life, it is helpful to yourself set some goals that are personally relevant to you.

Having purpose that is driven through accomplishing certain goals is helpful in overcoming procrastination. Simultaneously, it is aided by the personal investment you have in it which becomes rewarding in its own self.

2. Have the optimum environment

Having too many gadgets on your desk ain’t exactly a good idea if you tend to procrastinate!

What you surround yourself with and how your environment is structured is critical to determining how conducive it is to you avoiding procrastination. Make sure you have only what you need around you for your work at the time you sit down to do it. Don’t have too many gadgets next to you. Ensure that the place is relatively calm and quiet so you can stay focused.

3. Steer away from perfectionism
The need to do things just so and in the most perfect manner too can be a deterrent to getting things done on time. It often creates delays and can also altogether prohibit the accomplishment of tasks. This can become a big hindrance and it is instead beneficial to strive towards excellence while also staying focused on completing the task.

4. Be forgiving
Be forgiving towards yourself, allowing yourself to make errors and mistakes. Recognise that feeling anxious is normal especially in the face of deadlines. However, also keep encouraging yourself to move towards doing things which will allow things to stay in perspective and not become overly difficult to manage.