All granny’s have a homemade remedy for everything that ails humanity, from tummy ache to yummy solutions to equip the body for the summer heat.

Dieticians also favour home-based remedies to keep the body hydrated instead of preservatives-laced, artificially-flavoured drinks that are largely available.

“Fresh is always better as it has no preservatives, and sugar and salt can be adjusted as per individual requirement. Canned juices or drinks have sugar overload, which is not good for health,” says Neha Arora, a Delhi-based nutritionist. “Also, more than the food, liquids are a better option to prevent dehydration,” she says.

Arora recommends some recipes that provide relief from the sweltering heat. “Vitamin C is a wonder vitamin that helps the body stay hydrated and should be included in most drinks during summers,” she says.

Grandma’s cooling ingredients

Thandai: A mix of crushed rose petals, poppy seeds, fennel seeds, crushed black pepper, sugar and chilled milk.

Chaach (butter milk): a mix of curd, green chilies, mint leaves, cumin seeds, crushed black pepper and salt

Bel (wood apple) juice: a mix of fresh fruit juice and black salt

Aam panna: A mix of raw mango juice, black salt, sugar, mint leaves, crushed cardamom seeds and crushed black pepper.

Fennel seed water soaked overnight.

Fenugreek seed water soaked overnight.

Coconut water with a few drops of lemon juice.